How to fix V03/2020 MB SD C4 XENTRY “The data are faulty” problem

How to fix V03/2020 MB SD C4 Sofware “The data are faulty” problem in XENTRY



1.The error may be caused by clicking the upgrade icon to update the software.

xentry-1Please follow the instructions to fix it.
Step 1: Free download a file from the following link.
Size: 2GB
Security: No risk!

Step 2: Star Task Manager to end these processes such as “AddOnCenter.exe”, “Java.exe”, “Javaw.exe”


xentry-3 xentry-4 xentry-5

Step 3:Open Local Disk (C:) to find “AddOnCenter.exe”
If you can only see “AddOnCenter.exe” as below, please open “Organize”->select “Folder and search options”->select “View”->remove the tick of “Hide extensions for known file types” and click “Apply”

xentry-6 xentry-7 xentry-8

Then “AddOnCenter.exe” appears on the screen
Step 4: Change the file name “AddOnCenter.exe” to “AddOnCenter.ex-1”, then it will not update automatically.

xentry-9 xentry-10Step 5: To Delete these 12 items from Local Disk(C:)

xentry-11 xentry-12xentry-13

Step 6: Open BD-ROM Drive(F:)->click “Mount Image”->open


Step 7: Select “Xentrypatch202003.iso” installed in Local Disk (C:) and lick “Open”

xentry-15Step 8: Click “Open folder to view files”
xentry-16Step 9: Copy all the items in the Xentryparch folder to Local Disk (C:) XENTRY folder

xentry-17 xentry-18 xentry-19

Step 10: Restart the computer

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