Xentry/DAS Expire, How to solve

Here is 09.2017 Xentry/DAS Expire Error Message and Solution:

Xentry/DAS Expire Error:

La validata dell’attuale versione dei dati scadra dal 2018/02/21. installare una versione dei dati attuale.
Error message in English:

The validated current version of the data will range from 2018/02/21. install a current version of the data.


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09-2017_xentry_expire_1 09-2017_xentry_expire_2 09-2017_xentry_expire_3


How to solve:

Reactivate xentry or setup your PC time earlier

Better reactivate


Xentry/das can be reactivated yourself anytime if you have software from the site: mbstartool