12.2017 XENTRY/DAS Win 7 Win 10:Test OK


12.2017 XENTRY/DAS Windows 7 or Windows 10:

Both OK.12.2017 XENTRY OpenShell XDOS is updated and tested successfully for use. Download link:


But I don’t recommend windows 10 at all at least if you don’t know how to manage it
try windows 7 and I am asure you will be more comfortable]
final note, you need a good version which should not be manipulated or pre-activated


  1. D-A-S / Xentry 2017.12….Confirmed!
  2. Workshop Information System (WIS net) 2017.09….Confirmed!
  3. Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC.net) 2017.09….Confirmed!
  4. Part Location Finder (ST Finder) 2008/2016….Confirmed!
  5. STARUTILITIES ….Confirmed!
  6. SDMEDIA 2014….Confirmed!
  7. Price List PL71 2016….Confirmed!


201712-mb-sd-c4-software-hdd-1 201712-mb-sd-c4-software-hdd-2 201712-mb-sd-c4-software-hdd-3 201712-mb-sd-c4-software-hdd-4 201712-mb-sd-c4-software-hdd-5 201712-mb-sd-c4-software-hdd-6 201712-mb-sd-c4-software-hdd-7 201712-mb-sd-c4-software-hdd-8 201712-mb-sd-c4-software-hdd-9 201712-mb-sd-c4-software-hdd-10


12.2017 XDOS Activation via Startkeycenter

This is the startkeycenter I used to activate 12.2017 Xdos with old keys. Move the folder to C:>PROGRAM FILES(x86)>MERCEDES BENZ. Launch startkeycenter from folder. Insert keys for xentry only. For DAS you should move the LIC.SLI file to C:PROGRAM FILES(x86)>MERCEDES BENZ>DAS>BIN which will activate it with no timeout. Blacklist is self explanatory which folders they should go in. I don’t claim any of this files…… I am just sharing which is what this forum is supposed to be about.