Looking for Xentry full package Winodws image Dell D630









i am looking for afull image of a dell d630 hard drive, with full xentry das system, including vediamo offline scn coding wis partsfinder parts cataloge

can be configured for mb star c3 multiplexer
thank you very much in advance
Reply: Try here:http://www.mbstartool.com/wholesale/v201605-mb-star-c3-software-256gb-ssd.html


XENTRY Diagnostics OpenShell 2016.05 for C3

100% working and native installation on Windows 7 / Windows 8


– Easy to activate by yourself, with the help of Activation Guide: http://blog.mbstartool.com/2016/03/15/mb-star-c3-sd-c4-2016-03-das-xentry-activation/

– 256GB SSD for Dell D630, not HDD

               MB STAR C3 SSD VS Common HDD in Terms of Running Speed
D630 with 4GB RAM Time to boot Time to shutdown Time to enter xentry for single vehicle
SSD About 90 seconds About 20 Seconds About 145 seconds
Common HDD About 240 Seconds About 50 Seconds About 207 Seconds
D630 laptop with 1GB
SSD About 195 seconds About 22 Seconds About 248 Seconds
Common HDD About 300 Seconds About 120 Seconds About 307 Seconds


– Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS 2016.05
– WIS 2016.03 EWANet
– EPC 2016.03 EWANet
– EPC Mercedes Pricelist 2017.06 integrated
– SD SDmedia 2014.01
– Starfinder v2008 fixed, with HTTP server
– Mercedes Pricelist 70

– A lot of fixes to improve core system performance
– Some useful tools
– Special security system for your star c3
– Professional support @mbstartool.com of course


mb-star-c3-XENTRY-Diagnostics-OpenShell-download-2 mb-star-c3-XENTRY-Diagnostics-OpenShell-download-3 mb-star-c3-XENTRY-Diagnostics-OpenShell-download-4 mb-star-c3-XENTRY-Diagnostics-OpenShell-download-5