How to fix 2017.05 XDOS Xentry 2221-45 & 3.91

Free download 2221-45 & 3.91 Fix for Xentry/DAS 2017.05!5GxEyCZa!9w8E4btOqovhaA2X_IXmKdecp64WnhEDio6m3-V-yeE

Again, this is for 2017.05 Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS only.

Try on your own risk. hold no responsibility of what you will try.

The issue & solution you may need:

(StarInsecure) ID is automatically lost

The most idiotic way how to make a full shit from the system!

FIRST! You must understand how it works totally before to kill it with your stupid replacing.

1. com.daimler.xentry.diagservice_1.7.0.201703101035.jar = encoded with another algorithm from 2017.05. The system CAN`T READ this file with an old encoding, YOU COULD SIMPLY TO DELETE THIS FILE in case of it.
The hell of instructions are lost.

2. com.daimler.fusoko.variables_1.22.9.201703101035.jar = not encoded, but from 2016.09 version

I don`t see any work here.
Try to decode their “old” or “new” algorithm for java first, it`s very easy now, THE IDIOT IN DAIMLER WHO MADE THE NEW THING = REAL GENIUS.