How to setup SD connect C4 for Mercedes BUS diagnosis

sdconnect-c4-2015.12-win 7 (1)


I want to diagnose a Mercedes-Benz BUS using Xentry 2015.12 but the program displays “License is incorrect”. Luckily, got help from DieTrih. Copy the solution and result for sharing. Hopefully, it helps others also.
Software ver.: Xentry 12/2015
Tool: SD connect C4


HWID: 6CCA1532A511
AppID: 253
LAN-ID: 08005BABA84E


my cars are working fine.

cars and trucks working ok, so i bet it’s working Xenry; but cannot do buses or other heavy equipment MB. I only have this problem with Buses –> “licence incorrect”.


in Xentry this Licence Error Message (sorry, screenshot is in German; i have translated it into English).


Fahrzeug: CC400.121



Lizenz ist fehlerhaft

(Vehicle type: CC400.121



License is incorrect)



The solution for me….


DAS License.0 Fix download on Mega!6ckAmDgQ!AbVNk4zFGtE38tCgdYPc_pXZDM3EbABeRoSmRl06Ww0 (BIG THANKS to DieTrih solution)


with DAS.Standalone for Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS and DAS.Xentry (2015.12)
DAS v7.7.0.1
Use it with old keys for DAS.
MB Bus and Bharatbenz are working.
Included: das32r2.exe (Usual file), das32r2_sl.exe (Standalone), lic.sli (Original file if needed).
Don`t look on the file size, just packed executable.


mustang’s review: (BIG THANLS)

I confirm that DieTrih solution works perfect.
I used windows xp and windows 7.
all in 32 bits.
xentry das versions from 2015.5 until 2016.12
everything is working fine… also in bus




Note: this is a user solution @DieTrih. Please try on your own risk; no one holds any responsibility