Vediamo&DTS Monaco full functionable with C4

I have Star Diagnosis on Dell D630 with SD connect C4 diagnostic head. My software is from 2015, and i want to make update. Here are questions and answers of Mercedes diagnostic software and hardware. Big thanks to all contributors.

Question: Can i install it on Dell E4300 (i7, 8GB, RAID) on 64bit system for better performance?
Answer: Yes. You can buy a HDD with the newest 2017.03 mercedes software

Question: Can i install Vediamo on 64bit?
Answer: Yes.


Question: What do DTS Monaco? Its compatible with x64?
Answer: Yes.


Question: Vediamo and DTS Monaco will be full functionable with C4 head?

Answer: No ( no DOIP). If yov have SD Connect (C4) with DoIP it will work fully. Check DOIP like in these pictures…

sd-connect-c4-doip1 sd-connect-c4-doip3