Vediamo v5.0 v4.02 + SD connect C4 Xentry DAS

Here are some real user discussion on Vediamo v5.00.05 & v4.02, about Vediamo significance (differences from Xentry) and that whether Vediamo can be run ok with SD connect compact 4 and Xentry DAS.


About reasons for using Vediamo:

– It is necessary to buy Vediamo? Any difference from XENTRY?

-> Vediamo can do anything that Mercedes Xentry can do, but is more complicated because it pulls from the source which is all German.
It can program pretty much anything on a car.
You need a STAR Diagnostic tool to use Vediamo, doesn’t seem like you know much about it so I figured I’d add that.

-> I use/have vediamo and the required hardware. it’s similar in purpose to Xentry but can do far more detailed variant coding, without the need to have an online connection to Daimler AG servers for authorization. In Xentry, variant coding is restricted, and even then once authorization is granted, the coding options are limited in comparison to Vediamo.
Spend some time looking around on the internet for a download link for it, you’ll also need to have it activated with your hardware ID, etc.


About compatible tools:

– Can Vediamo V5 work with SD connect C4 plus new Xentry (2016)?

-> I have Vediamo 05.00.05 installed along with Xentry 2016/03, but no manual for it, my MB SD C4 multiplexer connects with Vediamo just fine.


About laptop operating system:

– Should be Vediamo V5 installed at a empty XP System or should it be installed into a system where Xentry with drivers is already installed?

-> vediamo can be installed in any Windows XP pc, as long as it has space no matter there is xentry or not
– Got two error messages pops up when downloaded this program running on the Win 7 Pro the other Win 7 Home.


-> Run setup as administrator.


About system configuration setup
– What do I have to change in the system configuration to use it with a SD connect Compact 4? or is everything set by the installation of vediamo?

-> select Part D and you will see the serial no of your mux

Vediamo ver.4.02 select Part D


About CBF files
– Which CBF files should be used with Vediamo in Xentry I found already the Xentry/DAS CBF files but in one post I read that they are different available for vediamo which give more possibilities in porgramming the ECUs.
Which additional possibilies have these “special” CBF files?
-> you need to use factory CBF, those cbf from xentry folder will do nothing to your coding


– CBF does not see files, how to do?


-> use attached file:!N1EBgQLa!2bO0R3pDhhk3OD6W-j9XDFv4YrhDNHtxlOhVePgSqCc