To Buy SD Connect C4 Xentry/DAS from China?

sdconnect c4 package-open-0d2

Today I want to share my experience with you. Why I do that simply because I saw a forum post on which I can give advice. It said that recent clone quality has dropped more than usual with goods miss screws and didn’t work as advertised. Actually, from my point of view I still think it is reliable and feasible to buy cars diagnostic tool from Chinese vendor.


Below is my real experience of SD Connect C4:

I bought a complete bundle of MB SD C4 WiFi Diagnostic Tool plus Dell D630 4GB laptop at April this year.


SD Connect C4 Package:

After 3-days delivery to US, I received the package, it is well-packed including mux, cables(8/14/16/38pin), Lan cable, hard disk and Dell D630.

sdconnect c4 package-01

SD Connect C4 mux:

sdconnect c4 back-04

sdconnect c4 main unit-03

This is the laptop Dell D630:sdconnect c4 package-open-0d2

Installation / Activation / Wifi Setting

It is easy to use, software preinstalled and activated, everything is prepared already for me which is very convenient except the Wifi needed to be set by myself, but I got technical support from my vendor soon, they took a video for my reference.


I took apart the MB SD C4’s shell and the PC board like this:

MB SD C4 PC Board

What SD connect can do? 

Compared with the external hard drive, the internal hard drive runs much faster, and I just have the multiplexer and laptop to carry to the car, nothing to unplug or fall off. Before got this package, I am told the Dell D630 is second hand, but it’s worth every penny, I used it do to what I want it to. All works good with my W212.


I’ve done stuff like reset the adaptations on my transmission, drive-in adaptations on the transmission, and relearning of the throttle plate and sunroof. I had changed my battery and afterwards the sunroof would not go back smoothly. I went into the relearn function and voila it worked.


In a nustshell with SD Connect C4 you won’t have to visit the dealer all that often because you can identify faults in your car.


Where Can I Buy These From?

I understand everyone has their own experience with different vendors, someone say ok, someone say bad, and I agree it is like a draw to buy some tools from China. But it’s always nice to have a company recommended that I have a good experience with. It is A complete bundle SD C4 WiFi Diagnostic Tool plus Dell D630 4GB laptop costs $689 + shipping.


BTW, the vendor attached me a page which collects all of other users feedback/reviews, I think it should be helpful, so post here: