How to use Online SCN Coding Program for MB Star C3/C4

Mercedes Benz SCN coding was introduced around the year 2005. Before SCN coding, Benz vehicle owners are allowed to read out the coding of an old module and upload the coding to a replacement, or can select the coding by many options. But now users need to go online to Daimlers Intranet and get the correct coding string (SCN Code) for the module. So that independents cannot change a module without Daimlers’ permission.

Online SCN Coding program for MB STAR C3/C4 is special signed for Benz vehicle SCN coding. It is not a product but one time service. It is made to meet the demand for those who need do coding with MB STAR C3 or MB STAR C4.
SCN Coding Program for MB Star C3/C4
How to use this online SCN coding program?

Step 1: After place an order of the SCN coding program, please contact the customer service
Step 2: Prepare MB STAR C3/C4, car, laptop and team viewer.
Step 3: Select your vehicle model and programming system like headlight XALWA-L
Step 4: Choose CONTROL unit adaptations
Step 5: Choose offline program “CONTROL MODULE PROGRAMMING” then “SCN coding”
Step 6: Give us teamviewer ID and password.
Step 7: Login server (DALMLER)
Step 8: Login server and finish SCN coding automatically


We do not provide the user ID or the password for online SCN coding program. As Super MB Star SCN coding online is opened by the factory engineer who will remote access to the customer’s computer and then open it.

We offer online SCN coding program one year free update. After that it needs 300 USD for each year and 50 USD for one time.

The program does not support Retro and airmatic.

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