DIY Mercedes Benz ECU programming with MB Star C3

To program Mercedes Benz ECU and project more powerful function of MB Star C3 DAS and XENTRY, you need a helper: Vediamo 4.2

Equipment needs:

Vediamo 4.2 + PIC12F509 (for MB Star C3 multiplexer ONLY)
MB Star C3 multiplexer (Lowest price MB Star C3, best quality MB Star C3, MB Star C3 Pro with seven cable and Super MB Star C3)

Step-by-step instruction:

1. Change PIC12F509 in the MB Star C3 Multiplexer (it is not exactly the same as the one in C3 multiplexer, but fit perfectly)
2. Extract and install Setup_040202.exe
3. Copy “Vediamo” from installed folder to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application
4. Extract DATA archyve and Copy “VediamoData” and “VediamoShortTestData” to C:\
5. IF HAVE ANY PROBLEMS: Copy “Vediamo (Program files)” to C:\Program files\ and rename to Vediamo. Software does not need activation.
6. After succeed install software, run it and follow the system instructions.

If you have MB SD C4 connect multiplexer, you have to choose Vediamo V5.00.5 to project Benz ECU programming function.

More detail information, please check:
Vediamo V4.2 vs. Vediamo V5.00.5