How to do NTG2.5 coding with SDConnect C4


  I’m here to tell you It’s possible to coding NTG2.5 on the benchand test a few things, using SD connect C4 etc. What you need to do is connect NTG2.5 with your SDConnect C4, you need to connect KL30/KL31/CAN-H/CAN-L, you don’t need to connect the ignition pin because NTG2.5 do Continue reading→

12.2017 XDOS XentryOpenShell download for SDconnect, Xentry Connect C5


12.2017 XDOS Xentry user manual  :Free download 12.2017 Xentry Diagnostics Open Shell XDOS and then install, activate/configure sw on Window 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 for Mercedes diagnostic and programming.   I am just sharing what bros in forums is supposed to be about. I’m not responsib Continue reading→

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