Mercedes Key Programmer

How to choose Mercedes-Benz key programmer?



It’s a buying guide of Mercedes Benz key programming devices, including full function key programmers, MB key makers for NEC (IR NEC) keys, BE keys, BGA keys, etc.


Type 1: Mercedes Benz smart key programmer for all kinds of MB keys



Price: US$1,879

  1. write EIS and ELV
    2. renew EIS and ELV
    3. online generate key file
  2. Unlock ELV function will be released soon.
  3. All NEC keys support on board write and erase
    6. NEC V051,V057 support on board get password
    7. Renew other control modules function will support soon
    8. Support BE key, read password and prepare new key via IR.
  4. Password calculate: support BGA keys, NEC keys(include 51,57version) etc., work fast.

VVDI MB Tool car models support:

Model Support IR/OBD:

W164, W164 2009+

A166, W197,W212, W218, A246

A169, W209, W211

W172, W204, A207


W204, W207, W212 only by dump

W209 only by dump


W215, W220






Keys Version Supported:

v03, v06, v08

v05, v07, v09




Type 2: NEC Mercedes Benz key programmer:

MB-Pro II Advanced NEC Key Programmer

Price: US$1,799

  1. Directly read data from EIS via infrared (easy and convenient). Unnecessary to detach.
    2. Read password of NEC key 51, 57, Calculate new lock data under EIS help, and reborn a new key.


MB-Pro II car list:

A-class W169 2004-2010

B-class W245 2005-2010

C-class W203 2003-2007

CLK-class W208 2001-2002

CLK-class W209 2003-2008

C-class W204 2007-2009

E-class W210 2001-2002

E-class W211 2002-2007

E-class W212 2009-2010

CLS-class W219 2004-2009

S-class W220 2001-2005

S-class W221 2005-2009

CL W215 2001-2006

CL W216 2005-2009

SL R230 2001-2009

SLK R171 2004-2009

G-class W463 2002-2009

R-class W251 2005-2009

M-class W164 2005-2009

GL-class X164 2006-2009

Vito/Viano W639 2004-2009

Sprinter W906 2005-2009



Original NEC PRO57 Key Programmer


Price: US$14,249

The best NEC Programmer on the world, support Keyless go Key Programming, EIS programming, ESL programming, Erase EIS incl. NEC IC, Erase ELV, Read and Write BE Key, Read data incl. CAN Adapter and so on


NEC PRO57 vehicle list:

A-class W169 ( 2004-2010)

B-class W245 ( 2005-2010)

C-class W203 (2003-2007)

CLK-class W208 (2001-2002)

CLK-class W209 (2003-2008)

C-class W204 (2007-2009) with NEC in EIS

E-class W210 (2001-2002)

E-class W211 (2002-2007)

E-class W212 (2009-2010)

CLS-class W219 (2004-2009)

S-class W220 (2001-2005)

S-class W221 (2005-2009) with NEC in EIS

CL-class W215 (2001-2006)

CL-class W216 (2005-2009)

SL-class R230 (2001-2009)

SLK-class R171 (2004-2009)

G-class W463 (2002-2009)

R-class W251 (2005-2009)

M-class W164 (2005-2009) with NEC in EIS

GL-class X164 (2006-2009) with NEC in EIS

Vito/Viano W639 (2004-2009)

Sprinter W906 (2005-2009)


MB IR NEC Key programmer with ESL


Price: US$79

Works with smart key (old and new) used from 1997 to 2005 (without Key Less Go system).


NEC Key programmer models supported:

– W202 (MC68HC05X32 x 2 controller)

– W203 (MC68HC908AZ60 controller)

– W208 (MC68HC05X32 x 2 controller)

– W209 (MC9S12DG128 controller)

– W210 (MC68HC05X32 x 2 controller)

– W211 (MC68HC912DG128A controller)

– W215 (MC68HC908AZ60 controller)

– W220 (MC68HC908AZ60, MC68HC05X32 x 2 controller)

– W230 (MC68HC908AZ60, MC68HC05X32 x 2 controller)

– W639 Vito (MC68HC908AZ60 controller)




Type 3: Mercedes key programming equipment for keyless-go writing

AK500Pro AK500 PRO Super Key Programmer


Price: US$2,745

AK500Pro internal Benz original factory calculator, no need remove ESL ESM ECU, with EIS data directly calculate out original factory key data. AK500Pro is the only machine in the world that has KEY-LESS go writing function via OBD. It support  infrared read and write NEC key and Motorola MCU key.



so far AK500PRO doesn’t support NEC eeprom key programming, but support AK500pro NEC eeprom key calculation.


KEYLESS GO function :
If you want to use KEYLESS GO function: the key used to make key must be new and blank key, it can’t be used key. New key must be as the same type and frequency as the original keyless go key. Otherwise it will cannot support keyless go function.
AK500 do ESL: read out original ESL data, generate new key data, write new data .binw back to ESL( now must use that 32GB hard disk database then can renew ESL)
When you deal W203 ECU, if your ECU is simens, it do not have eeprom. Resolution: Read flash of ecu, then make renew. Then use MB STAR to do doing.
AK500PRO can write keyless go key. But you must wirte via IR( Your keyless go key must be completely new or blank. If your key is old, it can read out date, then it can not be write again, you must renew it then can write).


AK500Pro car list:

Mercedes-Benz: W220/W220 “Keyless Go” W208/W210/W220/W203/W215/W230/W209/W219/W211/W230/W215 EEPROM(M95xxx)


Volkswagen Audi: MPC(MPC555/556,MPC561/562,MPC563/564),external Flash(MB58BW016,29BL802C,AM29BDD160,S29CD016,DE28F800 etc.) and external EEPROM(M95xxx)



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