How To Use CGDI MB Prog works On W212 E250 2010 Petrol Automatic?


CGDI MB Prog can work on E250 2010 including Read EZS by OBD, calculate keys online, read original key, etc.

Here is the step-by-step guide:


Click on “Benz Monster”, if the anti-virus software warning, ignore it, the CGDI-MB software is safe as long as you bought from authorized dealer.



Click on “Read EIS data” 2 days before and calculate password online.

cgdi-mb-prog-on-w212-e250-2010-02 cgdi-mb-prog-on-w212-e250-2010-03


Open the folder “W212 E250” which contains the password, copy the password and paste it into the blank box under “Key password”.

cgdi-mb-prog-on-w212-e250-2010-04 cgdi-mb-prog-on-w212-e250-2010-05


Click on “Save EIS data”, save it to the folder “W212 E250” and rename it as “xxxx full” (see below picture).Save EIS data file successfully.

cgdi-mb-prog-on-w212-e250-2010-06 cgdi-mb-prog-on-w212-e250-2010-07


Click on “Generate EE”, then “Load EIS file”, then load the EIS data saved on the last step.




Click on “Generate Key file”, load EIS file successfully, and save the “KEY file, wait until you see “the key file was generated successfully”.





Sorry, can’t write key because I forget the new blank key.

I read original key in CGDI-MB tool.


Click on “Read/Write key”, then “Read Key/Chip”, wait until you see “Read success”.




Ok, read original key without problem.

Nice CGDI-MB tool.