Mercedes 2006 e350 Car Cranks Error p0335 solved by SD Connect C4

As the title suggest, Mercedes 2006 e350 car cranks but won’t start with p0335 fault code, and MB STAR SD CONNECT C4 is best to recommend.


Car model and year: Mercedes e350 2006


Fault code and description: would crank but would not start… It has p0335 code for Crankshaft Position Sensor “A” Circuit Malfunction and it also has a p0306 misfire on cylinder 6, and it shakes very badly.


What I did and what I doubt?

I recently replaced the ignition coil on cylinder 6 because it was faulty, not sure if they are related. Would changing the CPS solve the issue? And do the two codes p0335 and p0305 relate two each other at all. Also, could it be the fuel pump? the previous owner had no start problems couple years back and it turned out to be the fuel pump which he replaced.


  1. The cps needs to be replaced, that controls the firing.


  1. It takes a lot of special tools to work on Mercedes cars. I have been collecting those tools for years. This was a case that a full Mercedes MB STAR diagnostic may have shown the exact problem and saved time and money, and set of torx drivers. Harbor Freight tools have a good selection. As to the rpm question perhaps someone else will know the answer. I have never checked the rpms when the cps was bad.

MB star SD connect C4 is the newest and best to recommend.

Invest a SD connect C4, you can not only use it to read out and show exact problem p0335 code, but also do more like: switching heater booster to the water heater, enabling/disabling some cluster menus, enabling corner lights and integrating an aftermarket alarm and remote was like a walk in the park.

Reset the adaptations on transmission, drive-in adaptations on the transmission, and relearning of the throttle plate and sunroof.

I had changed my battery and afterwards the sunroof would not go back smoothly. I went into the relearn function and voila it worked.

Can lower the suspension with Das-Xentry,

SDConnect C4 can be used to modify and adjust settings on control units.

Here SDConnect C4 (sales for only US$529  at known)


One thing for sure, MB SD Connect C4 is optional to choose External hard drive and Internal Hard drive.

External hard drive yes and no:

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2)  It’s a lot slower than running it from disk, because of VMWare overhead. If you use it 2 or 3 times a year, a VM solution is perfectly fine.

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Internal Hard drive advantages:

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