Mercedes Benz SD Connect C4 Manual

China clone SD connect c4 user manual… Here you go…


mercedes sd connect c4

Sd connect c4 price: $499


sd connect c4 firmware update


mb star c4 software download

Xentry DAS 05.2016.iso (free, bot tested)

2016.12 Xentry DAS Windows 8 SSD (tested OK)

2017.03 xentry das windows 7 ssd (tested OK)

2016.12 xentry/das windows 8 HDD (tested OK)

2017.03 xentry/das widnows 7 hdd (tested OK)


das xentry installation guide

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Software will be pre-installed. So, just exchange the disk to your PC and get ready to use.



sd connect c4 configuration


sd connect batteries


sd connect c4 device not in use


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Sd connect c4 vs. Sdconnect c5


Mb star C3 vs. C4 vs. SDconnect C4 vs. SD connect C5