How to install HHTWin in Windows 7 32bit


So here you can download HHTWin application that was taken from usual Star Diagnosis version. The files are very old, were compiled by Daimler just for X86 (only for 32bit Win7). Impossible to make HHT-Win work under x64 win 7.

Disable UAC settings to “Never notify” -> Restart system if needed. It`s better to DISABLE idiotic Windows Defender too. Then, you could return UAC settings back.

First simply run HHT.exe, it will install HHT to C:\HHT, then start Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS.HHT.C4.exe/Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS.HHT.C3.exe … that`s all.
Some systems must be restarted at the end.

The problem with “–” version was fixed.
Delete C:\HHT directory and begin from the first step.
If you will update your Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS version … just apply the patch once again.


Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS HHTWIN for SDconnect C4!HlsEBKJa!Va4BwoUVHo6PcRHAACkybQVT4MRsMZ6gcMt5Rg14XFs

Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS HHTWIN for MB Star C3!Ox8BmDJD!vIlOG2iO5noTadFMPUurZmloen_zyqxA26YuysjPFnI


(BIG THANKS to DieTRih in the MH community)

Disclaimer: HHTWIN application above only tested individually…not sure of the security if runs with different Star diagnostic tools (many chinese clone versions). HHTWIN software tested by pros will be more admirable.

Star diagnostics (incl. Xentry/DAS, HHTWin, etc.) – tested no issues:Star diagnostic software v2015.12 has been tested by professional engineers work for, working without issues together with SD connect c4 mux.Note: for chinese clones, HHTWin is only available with pre-2015.12 versions.

Latest HHTWin reviews:I run the SD connect C4 both on Windows XP(Xentry) & Win7 32bit (XDOS)(with HHTWin12.2015) .Running Xentry on Win7 32 bits without HHTWin limits one seriously. cant go into specific ML modules without HHTWin . It sucks……32bit is so much faster………..The speed workaround is using SSD’s. It’s like HTT-WIN 2015.12 from If you are new to this, i recommend to buy SSD with pre-installed software. (will avoid lots of issues)

HHTWin reference: