Vediamo DAS transfer data from old ETC unit to new

A Mercedes owner simply made the procedure of transfer data from the old unit to the new unit, using MB Star diagnosis DAS development diagnostic software.
Device: MB STAR C3 multiplexer

Software: Xentry/DAS 2013.07

Vediamo with SCN coding database


Model: Mercedes-Benz 221.156
The extra thing have to do is:
Look at the old control unit version as shown in the picture:


Then after installing new unit and transfer all data to it, next, go to:
Development Data ==> Control unit adaptation ==> Variant coding ==> F3

Then we chose from the list the same number we got in image below

This must work as reported from many of my friends but i always do the online procedure.



First, you need to programming new vgs by Vediamo with hardware which you have in your old VGS
Then you will have your variant of coding.



Tech support from customer share at a Mercedes forum