Offline Xentry useless for R172? (User Suggestion)


Offline Xentry useless for R172? (User Suggestion)
Here’s the discussion about MB STAR C3 Xentry offline for Mercedes R172 or not.

Troubles- Xentry work for R171 but not R172:
I’ve done my fair part of modding on my previous R171 and was completely intending to continue these actions onto my R172. But now it seems that MB has changed the approach on how the control units are being ‘programmed’ (not really, more of switching things on and off) with the R172 and Xentry access through the OBD-II plug. Everytime I go into ‘adaptations’, it wants me to connect to the MB home computer…
Obviously that is something for dealers and other subscribers (independent garages) only. I assume they pay a hefty monthly subscription for that.
PS. I can clear error codes and just noticed I have the exhaust flap error!
User suggestion from a Mercedes forum:
I’ve got confirmation that Xentry has gone limp for the adaptations. One would need Vediamo software to do what was called off-line SCN coding in Xentry. Even a hardware update is necessary if you are on a C3 system (like me). If you have C4 with SD-connect no hardware migration is needed. Also important to note is that a C3 system will only work with Vediamo version 4.x.x and SD C4 will also do version 5.x.x.

Mind you, the way you work with Vediamo is more like you are a programmer. The selection of the control unit may be ‘clickable’ but what you want it to do can be complex unless the only thing you want it to do is on/off.
When a module is being modified it needs to be flashed and since it is unlikely you have connection with Stuttgart the update performed may not be with the latest software available for that module, which may pose a risk if you downgrade the present version in the car.

And I paid USD 220 here: but that is just for software and the chip my C3 needed. The C3 Mux and cables and laptop with serial port were already in my possession.

It doesn’t have ‘codes’ but offers access to control modules. There are youtube entries that show you the different screens. Any version of Vediamo can access all control modules since there is a folder (some call it a database) where all the control modules of all the MB vehicles are present a module per file. The software picks up such a file if you select it and offers the choices that are present in that file. Every upgrade can update these modules or place new ones in the folder.

Like I said, you can program anything you like in these modules. Problem is, it is done off-line, so if you want to upload/flash it to your car it MAY ruin the module and the operation of your car. There are no safeties, you can even define your own (new) parameter. E.g. if you have no xenon lights, you can mod the current module in thinking that it IS having xenon. Unexpected results are the least of your worries.

Another example: I have the multi function camera with only road sign reading, not the lane assistant. I can switch that ‘on’ easily and upload it to the camera. It won’t work though since the system needs more software to know what it should be doing when lane recognition is to be applied, so errors will be popping everywhere. Fortunately the camera for both options is the same so there is nothing lost. The required software for lane recognition is not in my car and not in Vediamo, it is in Stuttgart and needs to be up/down loaded with Dealer or Subscriber access and this involves updating the identification card of my car first so a code will be obtained enabling the dealer to download this software into my car.

But I CAN switch the function on …

So, the trick is to only mess around with options that do not require additional software. E.g. folding mirrors or airscarf. If you put in the appropriate hardware and use Vediamo to switch the function on, it can be uploaded and will work. Not that different to using DAS on the R171. But you will be using a very limited part of what Vediamo can do.